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How we Start it !

Immediately upon knowing of possibility of getting rig agency appointment we contacted all relevant parties (NOC ,Customs office ,Benghazi Port Authorities ,Rig Owners & Operators , and Oil company chartering rig “Japex”).A work plan was set .


Once agency appointment was officially received on 15/4/2010 , we commenced applying for permits, licenses and notification of all related authorities. Our first aim was to convince authorities to embark at drilling position rather the Benghazi port anchorage area saving around 2 days of towage for owners which we achieved successfully. Rig’s daily hire rate is around USD 110,000 .

Towige consisted of :

  • Tug president Hubert – main towing tug.
  • Oil rig Saturn being towed.
  • Small tug David Prvi.
Towing started in the port of Tuzla (Turkey towards drilling position ’32deg 39min 4.9sec’ N, ’20deg 27min 2.8sec’ E) .

Main Challenges

Rig’s helicopter deck was not authorized by local CAA, forcing us again to intervene positively by convincing authorities to proceed to rig by OSV from marine base in Benghazi which was accepted after lengthy discussions on how to meet requirements of :
  • Marine base’s HSE .
  • Oil company’s HSE
  • OSV owner’s HSE .
Problems on how to declare rig to customs authority was secured by agreement of:
  • Tug owners .
  • Rig owners .
  • Oil company and port customs officials.

Oil Rig Equipments

All non consumable rig equipment are imported on a temporary basis with formalities that usually take 5 to 7 working days which we managed to complete in 2 to 3 days saving more important time for rig owners and oil company.

Service Location of Area 40:

  • Location Name
  • Well Name
  • Water Depth
  • Latitude
    32deg 39min 4.8sec N
  • Longitude
    20deg 27min 2.8sec E
  • X , Y
    448,494, 3,612,771